We are not only engaged in expeditions to raise funds in support of our schools and related programs but through our expeditions you have become friends and ambassadors for the effect.org mission. Personally, after a career in travel technology, Effect Expeditions are the perfect link for my passion for youth education and travel.

You are all engaged because of your corporate expedition experiences. Whether India, Nepal or Greece you built incredible friendships and experiences that inform your values. We continue to build on our success with great corporate partners like Google, Salesforce and Adobe and these partnerships are central to who we are and where we are going.

New in 2018 is a focus on Social Media Influencer “SMI” expeditions. We have found synergies with SMIs around education, trafficking and travel and have made slight adjustments to expedition programs to reflect the personalities of our SMI partners. We remain committed to the lasting impact of Hackathons though the name has changed to Impact Workshops to reflect the less technical nature of our SMI volunteers. Regardless of nomenclature, we believe that workshops build a deeper connection with schools and programs and drive solutions with lasting benefits,

One of the powerful benefits to partnering with SMIs is the network they help Effect to build. Once we identify a great SMI partner, they implement a significant outreach to all of their followers to join them on an expedition. By virtue of their outreach, all of their followers (often several hundred thousand) are exposed to the Effect mission and programs and help us to expand support for Effect.org.

We will share more details about all upcoming expeditions and will sincerely appreciate if you will share with us names of SMIs you follow as well as any suggestions for interested corporate partners. Travel safe!

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