The ABCs of Impact

ABC Nepal is the first organization in Nepal that raised the issue of human trafficking in the country. With prevention, protection and prosecution programs spanning across 13 districts, the organisation works to address issues that affect women the most.

During the expedition in March 2017, the non-profit initially put forth only financial sustainability as a barrier. But further analysis by volunteers soon underlined an even deeper issue, ABC’s lack of national and international visibility. Despite being the pioneer non-profit in anti-human trafficking efforts, many people are still unaware of the magnitude of work ABC undertakes across Nepal. The volunteer team formed to help the organisation designed a comprehensive two-angle strategy focused on marketing and financial planning, aiming to address ABC’s lack of public visibility and their massive funding gap.

ABC Nepal’s Board of Directors has approved the financial strategy and the staff is in full force to ensure that the website and social media accounts stay updated. They have recently been hosting volunteers, journalists and sponsors from the United States, France and Australia who have assured support and collaboration. A reputed media source in Nepal also captured the story of Durga Ghimire, President, ABC Nepal and broadcasted it nationally.

This support will help ABC Nepal in running more sustainable programs, creating an even deeper impact in the community – especially for vulnerable women and children.

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