Solar power brings light and energy to survivors of human trafficking

Solar Power is an incredible source of energy that has the potential to change lives. When the Effect Expedition volunteers worked with Raksha-Nepal, a local nonprofit focused on uplifting women and teen survivors of human trafficking, they truly went to the sun to make the biggest difference possible.

At the shelter, women and children learn to restart their lives and build skills to continue education or to find work. While they are working to uplift their lives, they infrastructure needs of the shelter hindered their opportunities. The children and teens living at the Raksha-Nepal shelter experienced daily power outages that would abruptly halt their studying and work.

Solar Power

In an attempt to resolve the power shortages, the volunteers (led by Willem De Vries) raised extra money to install solar panels at the shelter. This needed update included revamping the lighting system to LED bulbs and supplying six energy-efficient laptops.

With the help of our volunteers, the shelter now has efficient and dependable energy. Read more about the project on our blog.

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