Beautiful crafts are powerful tools to heal

When our March 2015 volunteers visited Shakti-Samuha, a nonprofit in Nepal providing shelter and vocational training to survivors of human trafficking, they understood exactly how powerful crafts can be for a person’s life. Survivors were taught how to design and make stunning Nepalese handcrafts, but they lacked clear pathways to sustain customers.

During the expedition’s hackathon, volunteers created solutions to build customers and revenue. Their professional skills and dedication to success brought Banau to life. Banau is an e-commerce platform connecting the Western market with beautiful handicrafts. Because of this tool, women of Shakti-Samuha are generating incomes, and connecting the Western world with the beauty Nepal.


Now,  Banau is a registered nonprofit in the U.S., with 100% of the funds used to grow Shakti-Samuha’s vocational training and expand their reach to twenty-four districts in Nepal.

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