Making Parental Engagement possible at Effect Schools

In October 2016, volunteers from Adobe, Google, and Salesforce, visited Effect International Schools in Delhi to find comprehensive solutions for barriers that were preventing from creating a larger impact. The Team P.E.T. took up the task of resolving one of our biggest barriers – lack of parental involvement in schools and child’s education. Language barriers, limited education for parents, lack of rapport between parents and teachers, and the inability of the parents to understand curriculum were some of the reasons for this disconnect.

The team worked on bridging the engagement gap between parents and teachers using existing and new communication methodologies to ensure holistic learning for each child in school as well as at home. To support parents, they developed a Parent Packet – a handbook consisting of all information a parent needs to know about their child’s school. To further engage parents and students, the team gave us inputs on how to use social media and communication platforms, like Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube, to effectively communicate with our parents.

The Effect International School got busy with the intention of implementing each idea into action. The Parent Packet has now been fully designed. Starting the next academic session, it will be available in both Hindi and English for parents to read through and know more about the day-to-day and yearly school schedule, parenting tips, and ways to get engaged with the school.

Thanks to the Effect Expedition volunteers who developed P.E.T., we now have a clear pathway to better engage the most influential people in the children’s lives – their parents and teachers. Education is a lifelong experience, and when a child feels that their closest ones are involved in their education, they are more likely to thrive.

Effect PTE Sample