We Need Books: Source of Knowledge and Social Integration

Books, a powerhouse of a non-profit and equally charged volunteers make for an exciting expedition and a series of impactful projects.

We Need Books is an Athens based NGO that believes that multicultural spaces and books serve several important functions. The organisation aims to build an inclusive and stronger Greek community, spark imagination and empower immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to choose their paths in life by providing a cultural multipurpose facility, giving access to knowledge and strengthening social cohesion. In June 2017, our volunteers joined hands with We Need Books and within a span of 72 hours, they managed to put together the following:


• A website – including logo design
• A long term and short term vision business plan to sustain the organisation and create a multicultural space
• A marketing plan outline social media strategy, influencer strategy, donation strategy and partnerships
• A library catalogue application for all books
• Helped procure books for WeNeedBooks for its various libraries

The brand new website (weneedbooks.org) is now available in English and Greek, making it easy for visitors to donate to the cause and learn about their efforts. The organisation is busy procuring new books from across the globe in Farsi, Pashto, Arabic and many other languages to set up multiple libraries. They are also close to finalising a multicultural space which will provide access to knowledge and kindle social cohesion of migrants with each other and locals to jumpstart their new life in Greece. The above solutions will equip the two member team of this organisation to strategically scale and ensure that knowledge, learning and creativity never ceases for the refugees, despite being away from home.

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