Our Unique Solution

We have fine-tuned our solution to get the poorest children in school: Opening a chain of effective, low-cost private schools. We leverage data and technology to ensure quality curriculum and to ensure children thrive. Our schools scale quickly without losing quality, giving the opportunity of education to as many children as possible.

Lean School Model

Our central headquarters is based in New Delhi, India and is the hub of all school operations. Our chief academic team trains local teachers to operate each school. We developed technology to control the complex operations of a school (curriculum, teacher training and administration) at central headquarters. Utilizing our mobile app, teachers are able to record student progress, which is reviewed by the academic team. The result is a quality private school, at a price that parents can afford.    


We own and operate every school, with the freedom to replicate success and adjust operations as needed. We have control over every student’s education with a responsibility to ensure they reach college and become leaders in their community.


Each school has an affordable low fee of $8 per month. Parents are passionate about dedicating a portion of income to the education of their children. Parents have limited education options to either send their children to struggling government schools, or elite private schools, too expensive for their incomes.
By enrolling in Effect Schools, families can access affordable, quality education. Each school become financially sustainable in 3 years, generating funds dedicated to opening new schools.