About the Documentary

Stolen Innocence delves into a hidden world; the untold story of young women captured and forced into a life of sex slavery. Without a voice, without a choice, these girls are violently trafficked into the worlds largest sex ring.

Filmmakers Casey Allred and Chris Davis compile shocking footage and emotional interviews, uncovering the secret sex trafficking industry throughout India and Nepal.


The Problem

India is the epicenter of human trafficking – Every 4 minutes, an innocent girl is kidnapped, bound, stripped of her virginity and forced into a life of prostitution. The United Nations has deemed India the most dangerous place in the world to be a girl. With 150,000 children per year sold into slavery, India now has 2-3 million prostitutes.

Why is this happening?

One third of the country live below the poverty line, deprived and uneducated. With no enforcement of laws and minimal government involvement, traffickers see the poor as low risk. People willing to pay money for commercial sex create a huge market of traffickers cashing in on exploitation. Brothel owners and pimps are rarely prosecuted, grossly excelling the issue.

Rapid Growth

The sex trafficking trade is expanding every day. The secretive nature of operations means numbers are difficult to estimate. Women are silenced and authorities are not paying attention. Many experts have expressed that trafficking in India is possibly triple to what the UN is reporting.


We must fight. There is a solution, and the power is in our hands. With every story told and every survivor heard, we come closer to preventing this problem. Awareness is everything. Across the globe we must reach out together to spread the word, and #giveheravoice.This is not just India’s problem, these are 13-year-old girls being violently stripped of their innocence, in our world.This is a problem for every city, every nation and every individual.

The Filmmakers

Casey Allred (CEO/Effect.org) and Chris Davis met nearly 5 years ago. Chris was looking to volunteer video work for a nonprofit and Casey was looking for a film director to help uncover the human trafficking rings in India & Nepal. Their friendship grew over the years and finally in 2014 they committed to making the film. Working with small budgets they were able to create one of a kind documentary that will shed a light on human trafficking for the whole world to see.