Nepal Rises Documentary

Our Story CEO Casey Allred and film crew were filming the Stolen Innocence documentary in New Delhi, India when the quake hit Nepal. Having worked 6 years in Nepal, he and team members were on the first flight to Kathmandu within 24 hours of the earthquake to find lost friends. A treasured friend in fact lost his life, Dan Fredinburg, who had been climbing Everest on behalf of their documentary.
Arriving in Nepal, the team was shocked and disturbed at the devastation, feeling completely helpless. Within hours of arriving they were able to locate their friends and colleagues. Quickly mobilizing their film equipment, they used drones to document the disaster and teamed up with Nepal Rises, a group of local entrepreneurs formulating aid for those most affected. In conjunction with Nepal Rises, mobilized one of the largest local aid volunteer groups in Nepal, with over 500 volunteers conducting 75 missions each day, delivering life saving supplies to the most hard hit areas of Nepal.

Nepal Rises Story
Nepal Rises Story

The effort leveraged technology to make operations efficient. Within 8 hours of the earthquake they had built and designed a bot to scan social media, finding those with the greatest needs. They had 8 full time engineers that continue to code software to understand the crisis and provide materials to those most in need. For many villagers this was the first aid group to arrive.
Following the immediate destruction of the earthquake, Nepal Rises set up headquarters in Kathmandu and focused on rebuilding schools and freshwater supplies. Nepal Rises continues today as a charity committed to rebuilding the country and helping the Nepali families, children and communities get back on their feet.

Nepal Rises Story
Nepal Rises Story

Our Impact

What we learned

International aid often did not come quick enough for those in need. And when it came, groups often lacked the necessary knowledge to move quickly. Joining with the community and creating a volunteer group of Nepali people allowed us to use the knowledge of the locals to locate, travel and deploy supplies to the areas that needed it the most. We also learned how crucial transparency is at a time of disaster. Making videos of our operations, inventory and engineers, people in the world were able to quickly see exactly what we were doing in Nepal, who was doing it, and how it was happening. Additionally we made all operations 100% visible on a google spreadsheet & maps to ensure transparency. Donors were encouraged to donate and help, knowing exactly what their money would achieve.

How you can help

Though the immediate threat of the earthquake has passed, the countries suffering has not. Nepal Rises is working to overcome the current fuel blockade. Not having the funds to afford extortionate fuel prices means their team cannot travel to damaged sites, rebuild schools, or create temporary shelters. This means kids can’t get back to school and families remain homeless. Your donation will allow them to continue their priceless work.