This upcoming Friday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, so we wanted to dedicate one of our blog posts to a leading lady working for literacy and social change.

Nancy Silberkleit

Nancy w/ Betty Cooper cutout

Nancy Silberkleit is the Co-CEO of Archie Comic Publications as well as the founder of a literacy program called Known, in New York, as the “Ambassador of Literacy,” Nancy believes that comic books are an effective tool to engage first-time readers and to promote a love for reading. She has even created a personal mantra: “Children + Comic Books = Reading, Knowledge, Confidence and Creativity”.

Using this motto, Nancy established her own non-profit foundation, “Rise Above Social Issues Foundation Inc.,” that educates children about challenging social issues (like bullying, discrimination, and environmental concerns) through comic books. On her blog,  Rise Above Social Issuesshe writes:

“Teachers can use these comic books as a tool to raise students’ interest and help combat bullying. The book teaches kids what to do when they are being bullied or witness other kids being bullied – reach out to a caring person, find an interest or a hobby that would relieve the pain from bullying. Teachers can use the book to start a conversation about taking care of each other, and promoting caring behavior to stop bullying.”

Currently, Nancy is working with schools across America to launch after-school programs, lesson plans, and more comic book fairs geared around this style of literacy.

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