Hi. I’m Whitney and this is Casey, and that is Bushra, and we are Effect.

One day, Casey met a girl named Bushra. Bushra had a dream to open a school for the poor in her home village. She was from India and had travelled across the world to find someone who would help her fulfill her dream. (She really came to receive her PhD, but finding help was a bonus). They both believed in education so they decided to work together. They travelled to India over Christmas Break to visit the village and get things started with the community. Nine months later, they opened that school to 90 students.

Somewhere along the way they realized they would never be able to settle with just one school. Because illiteracy is a problem much larger than her village of Sasaram. They knew they would do more. So, they seeked after more help-particularly from the business community. Then enters me, Whitney, the business nerd of the group with ambition to grow the org sustainably.


And that’s what we’re doing. We are a team of three, with many fantastic helpers, and we’re aiming to change illiteracy in a big way. We’re reshaping luck for future generations and reversing the poverty cycle.

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