How we Open a School

The 5 step process:



After locating our building, we get to work on renovations to get the building ready for students and teachers. The school is decorated in the bright colors, filled with interactive learning materials and finishing touches to make our schools a home away from home. We install security cameras and internet connection to ensure each school's safety and connectivity.



With a special focus on using our own technology and our skills-based curricula, our teachers take a multi-week training course to prepare them to run an effective classroom. To ensure teachers are supported, they continue bimonthly training with on-site managers. Lesson plans, teacher training, and curriculum are all developed in-house at our headquarters in New Delhi, India.

Opens A New School in India

School Opens

Our Effect School is ready! At this point as many as 300 children begin learning. further invests in each school to ensure quality, training, lesson plans and student improvement.