How It Works

An Effect Campaign is your own personal fundraising page
Create a page and share with your community
100% of donations fund school projects

Getting started with your campaign is easy:


Set a Goal

Set A Goal


Choose A Theme

Choose A Theme




Setting A Goal

What do you want to achieve? A classroom, tuition for a year, a whole school?
Decide an achiveable amount for your community and go from there!


Puts a child through
school for 3 months


Buys a basic computer
for a classroom


Buys materials for a classrom:
books, art supplies & more


Pays a teachers salary
for 3 months

Opens A New School in India


Opens A New School in India

$50,000 opens a school in India. We purchase and refurbish a school building. Then we buy supplies, desks, computers, and hire teachers and custodial staff.

Effect invests in each school to ensure quality, training, lesson plans and student improvement.

Additional Info

Some Helpful Tips

Start Small Start with 15 friends and family, email them your mission statement, don’t be shy, put a personal spin on it!

IN PERSON Involve coworkers and remember the power of face to face. Give a short presentation at your workplace or school, create a campaign stand in a popular location, or create a video!

BLOG If you or friends have a blog, consider posting or guest posting about illiteracy worldwide, the statistics and need for schools.

THANK YOUR SUPPORTERS When your campaign ends, go back to your community letting them know what you achieved, and thanking them for their support. Acknowledge every person who donates to you, no matter how small the amount. Send them a personal e-mail, publicly thank them on Facebook by tagging their name in a post, or send a handwritten thank-you card.

After The Campaign

100% Promise

Every penny of the money you raise will go to school projects. We’ll also report back to you with updates on our schools.

50 K

If you raise 50k, you’ll receive a full school report, a plaque thanking you and your supporters, and the chance to join us in India and visit your school!