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Athens, Greece June 12th- 18th, 2017

Hack the Refugee Crisis

Expedition SOLD OUT. We've opened another expedition in August. Slots are filling up quickly, apply for August Greece expedition today, click here.

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"The expedition trip to Greece was transformational."
Nicole Anguilm, Google

During the expedition, your team of volunteers will take part in a rare opportunity to see and understand the refugee crisis. Only 2 open slots now available for June Greece expedition. If these dates don’t work for you we’ve now opened an additional expedition in August. See here.

Hundreds of thousands are fleeing the Middle East to Europe. The influx of refugees has added to Greece’s unprecedented levels of strain.

Expedition Details
Effect Expedition volunteers participate in a Hackathon and work with local nonprofits to create effective and innovative solutions to address this crisis. Your unique professional skills – whether in marketing, HR, development or strategic thinking, will add to the Hackathon’s collaborative and problem-solving space.

Contribute your skills and help make this a successful Hackathon for the nonprofits and the refugees they serve!

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7 Days



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Passport & Visa


In-Country Food & Transportation



Travel through the city of Athens visiting local nonprofits, speaking with those directly affected by the crisis, and learning about the existing solutions and barriers.


Working with a team of fellow volunteers, you’ll present ideas, create tech-based solutions and develop ideas during a Hackathon. Coding, marketing, or designing - all skills are needed to make this happen!

Make a difference

You’ll have the rare chance to understand the refugee crisis in Greece first-hand. Working with nonprofits and applying your everyday skills, you'll create solutions to change communities.


Working directly with Greek nonprofits and community members, you’ll help with the biggest problems they face. Nonprofits will then be given grants to implement solutions and continue their invaluable work.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Meals & drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • In-country travel
  • Pre-program fundraising support

What's Not Included

  • International Flights
  • Visa Related Fees


Land in Athens and check into hotel
Day One of Volunteering. Induction and training program. Visit with a local nonprofit
Day Two of Volunteering. Spend day alongside local nonprofits and partners understanding issues in the community. Spend time asking questions and having discussion on their work and the barriers they face.
Day Three of Volunteering. Refugee Camp
Work with local nonprofits, community members and stakeholders. Culture Half Day.
Hackathon presentations and debrief
Check out of Hotel, head home!

Meet Your Expedition Leaders

Sandy Singh

Program Director

Starting her career in marketing and events for corporate america, Sandy turned her attention to international development when she moved to India and scaled programs centered around Social Enterprise throughout the country. Sandy administered and created programs both helping the homeless and preventing homelessness in her hometown of Turlock, CA. Sandy has a true passion for everything India, is addicted to coffee and loves boxing, reading, and travel!

Shoshanna Howard

Communications Manager

Shoshanna began her career as a publicist and band manager for musicians and artists across the U.S. and abroad. Her passion for social justice eventually brought her to work with organizations centered on immigration, education and equity issues. Shoshanna really loves traveling, she has been to over 15 countries, with many more trips on the horizon! Shoshanna holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Outside of work, Shoshanna enjoys spending her free time hiking with her friends and pup!


15 Expedition reviews
Nicole Anguilm

The expedition trip to Greece was transformational. I met incredible individuals that inspired me to seek new perspectives, including the others on the expedition, individuals working in the NGOs that we worked with, and the refugees that we met in the camp. I was able to see the skills I use daily at Google help passionate members of an NGO align around a shared mission and vision to change the acclimation process for refugees. Most importantly, my normal bubble was shaken, reminding me how lucky I am, and that I have a unique opportunity to use the resources and skills that I have to help others that may have all that I do.

Gaurav Mishra

The camp visits were a life-altering experience for me. I met some of the most honest and genuine people at these camps who, despite the extreme lack of basic amenities, welcomed me, fed me, sang with me, and shared their problems with me. On the other hand, talking to Solomon and Campfire Innovation, we learnt about the crisis from the perspective of the volunteers, discovered broad as well as specific issues that they face, and tried to help them overcome these.

Phil Bennett

This was a great trip. It was wonderful to work with the non-profits and see how technology could unlock their potential. The trip also provided important insights into the complex political, social and economic challenges gripping the region.


Worldwide, we are facing the biggest refugee crisis of our time. Over 3 million* people are fleeing from Syria as a result of violent civil war in their country. Turkey has been first point of call for many refugees, with 2.5 million seeking refuge. Germany has been the end point for many journeys, with 480,000 refugees. Greece sees countless people arriving on islands before moving on to Athens and other Greek cities. The country is currently home to over 60,000 refugees. Greece has been the mid-point in many refugee journeys - not the first point for fleeing, nor is it typically where refugees plan to settle. However this country faces its own unique problem and involvement with the crisis. Effect.org has experience working on crises in India and Nepal, and wanted to help with the refugee situation. After working with multiple nonprofits across Turkey, Greece and Germany, we selected specific nonprofits in Greece to work with during an expedition. With so many issues, nonprofits lack the time and resources to assess current problems and solutions they face. Working with expedition volunteers we’ll clarify barriers to progress and create change!
The total cost of the trip is $5,500; however, most companies match, which means that you’ll only need to pay or fundraise 50% i.e. $2,750. Each volunteer is responsible for knowing their company match program.
  • You can either pay yourself or fundraise. We have found from previous trips that those who fundraise usually get more involved and gain a richer experience in country.
  • You’ll need to pay a nonrefundable $250 deposit to secure your place when you apply online. This will be refunded in the event that you are not selected to join. If you are selected, the deposit goes towards your final trip cost.
  • Flights are not part of company's corporate giving programs. You’ll need to pay in advance for your plane tickets. Round trip tickets from SFO to ATH usually cost around $800 - $1200. Please rest assured that the Effect.org team will give you advice and guidance on fundraising and as a team!
Friday, April 7th: Application deadline with $250.00 deposit
Tues, April 11th: Communication sent to applicants.
Tuesday, April 25th: First payment $1,250 due to Effect.org alongside completed medical form.
Tuesday, May 9th: Deadline for flight payment.
Tuesday, May 23rd: Final balance of $1,250
You’ll have the unique opportunity to feel, see and understand at the ground level the refugee crisis and its impact on Greece. This crisis is impacting numerous lives, wit children suffering the most. Refugees are vulnerable to child labor, trafficking and an increasing lack of access to education. This is a crucial point in history desperately requiring bright minds to help. Applying your everyday skills, you’ll be able to create solutions to create change and save lives.

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