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New Delhi, India September 23rd- 29th, 2019

Reimagine Education in India

This expedition will immerse you in the strengths and weaknesses of Delhi’s education system. Education in Delhi is the focus of Effect.org’s work; you’ll speak with nonprofits and visit public and private schools to see ideas in action. You will then create tech-focused solutions to Effect's and our grassroot non profit partners' biggest issues in an Education Impact Workshop.

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"I know it's cliche, but this trip changed my life."
Elyse May, Google

During this expedition, a team of volunteers will participate in an incredible opportunity to see and understand education in India.

Since 2010, Effect.org has been working in India to create quality, affordable education. With Effect.org staff, you’ll visit our schools, learn about various education models, and failures & successes of the local education system.

Expedition Details
The team’s biggest goal is to leverage each individual’s technical skills during an Impact Workshop. You’ll spend 4 days learning about the barriers that our grassroot partners face, and then apply your learnings to create solutions during an Impact Workshop.

Whether you are a marketer, HR, developer or have other skills, every professional background assists in making this Impact Workshop successful!

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Travel through New Delhi visiting public and private schools, learning about education models, and successes & failures of India’s education system.

Impact Workshop

Working with a team of fellow volunteers, you will come up with solutions to barriers that are presented by our grassroot non profit aprtners. Coding, marketing, designing- all skills are needed to make this happen.

Make a difference

You’ll have the chance to see and understand how education works in India. Working with nonprofits and applying your everyday skills, you’ll create solutions to help change communities. Most importantly, you will see the consequences that exist when there are barriers to education.


The money raised for this expedition will be used for operational expenses while on the ground and programs at the school.

What's Included

  • All meals & drinks (non alcoholic)
  • All in-country travel
  • Airport Transfers
  • Expedition Activities
  • Resources and Materials for Expedition activities
  • A webinar on ‘How to Fundraise Successfully’ for the expedition

What's Not Included

  • International Flights
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Accommodation (While lodging will be booked, arranged and managed by us, the cost for the same is over and above the base price of $2495)


Make sure you are in Delhi by Sunday. Its the first day for check in, get some rest because its going to be a long week!
Induction and training program to learn more about the organisation and schools. Short and sweet, but necessary! The afternoon will be spent fighting jet lag while we explore the Spice Market in oldest parts of Delhi.
Be ready to play with the adorable students at the schools. It won;t be all fun and games though, since volunteers will also be co-teaching some classes. The day will end at the slums, where we will develop an understanding of the mentality around education.
Back to school we go! Today, we spend the morning at another the schools before spending the afternoon understanding the barriers that our partners face. We end the day speaking with parents, understanding their needs and concerns.
Culture Day - Visit Taj Mahal Spend time brainstorming and discussing what we learned during the week.
Impact Workshop begins! Gear up by forming teams and getting down to using your skills to help the non-profit.
Impact Workshop all day!
Impact Workshop all morning followed by final presentations.
It's not good bye forever, right? See you soon new friends!

Meet Your Expedition Leaders

Casey Allred

CEO / Founder

Hailing from a small town in Idaho (USA), Casey’s love of international development started at age 19, as he lead others in life changing activities in Albania for 2 years. He started Effect.org in 2010, opening a school in rural Bihar, India. Passionate about filmmaking, he produced Stolen Innocence, a documentary exposing human trafficking. In 2015, Casey led the largest volunteer group rebuilding after the Nepal earthquake. An outdoor fanatic, Casey is happiest in the mountains and loves getting out on his bicycle.

Aashima Khosla

Deputy Grant Manager

Aashima's passion for social development pushed her to pursue her Masters in Social Work. She started her career in the field of Development Sector Consulting where she worked with several Indian government bodies and ministries to undertake extensive research and strategy to improve stakeholder engagement and last mile delivery of government programs. She loves working with children and now aims to use her skill set to add value to their lives. She is an avid reader, does not go anywhere without her Kindle, and loves Zumba and power yoga.


6 Expedition reviews
Michael Schwab

This was the most amazing trip and experience I have ever had in my life. Not only do I feel I was able to have an impact on the schools effect.org currently has opened but feel our work will be instrumental in opening several more. I also made friends I will have for the rest of my life and formed special bonds that will never be forgotten.

Abigal Aragon

This expedition was amazing. I was able to completely immerse myself into the culture and grow to love India and it’s people in just a week. The Effect team was filled with supportive, helpful and amazing people to guide us on this expedition. Effect International is fighting all odds to create schools for those who need it most. This organization as a lot of potential and it was honoring to be apart of its growth.

Jennifer Gross

The expeditions are well coordinated and run! The balance of hands-on volunteering and a Hackathon sets Effect apart from others. It is a "real" experience, not overly choreographed or planned... offering the chance to experience local culture and interact with the people you're servicing. It is very rewarding.


Education affects everything. From lowering mortality rate to decreasing birth defects and increasing health, education benefits are seen at almost all avenues of life. Education lowers crime rates, decreases exploitation and is the most effective way to break the poverty cycle.
The total cost of the trip is $2495 plus accomodation and flights. Each volunteer is responsible for knowing their company match program. You can either pay yourself or fundraise. We have found from previous trips that those who fundraise usually get more involved and gain a richer experience in the country.
  • You’ll need to pay a $20.00 application fee
  • Round trip flight tickets cost anywhere from $800 - $1,200.
  • $500 of the total amount due must be paid upon acceptance post an acceptance email
  • $1000 due on August 1, 2019
  • Remaining amount due on August 29, 2019.
  • Please rest assured that the Effect.org team will give you advice and guidance on fundraising!
  • You’ll need to complete a detailed (confidential) medical form
  • You’ll need to have appropriate vaccinations (*we’ll give further guidance on what to have and where to go, but you’ll need to cover the cost).
  • You’ll need to get a visa before you arrive in country. The Effect team will guide you through the process
We choose applicants based on their passion and skill set to ensure each expedition has a diverse group of individuals. Effect Expeditions has several trips planned for 2019 across India and Nepal, covering issues including Education and fighting Human Trafficking. In the event that you aren’t selected for this trip, someone from Effect.org staff will be in touch to work with your schedule and place you on an upcoming expedition.
You’ll have the unique opportunity to feel, see and understand at the ground level the education sector in India. Education is a basic right, but many children grow up without the chance to learn. Education determines achievements, potential and opportunities to join the workforce. Quality education gives children the biggest head start in life. However, illiteracy is a bigger problem in India than any other country in the world. Although there are both strengths and weaknesses in the educations sector in India, it's an important issue that desperately requires imagination to enhance it. Applying your everyday skills, you’ll be able to create solutions to help save lives. We understand how important it is to disconnect from your daily routine, and we believe this will be a great opportunity for many of you to see the world and to make a real difference using your unique background of experience and skills. Let’s change the world together!

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