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Kathmandu, Nepal July 8th- 18th, 2016

Fight Human Trafficking *Global Hackathon*

This is an expedition unlike the others. This annual hackathon will target large scale solutions behind fighting trafficking. You’ll spend 4 days understanding the issue with nonprofits and leaders in the field. You’ll then be introduced to the Mumbai expedition team, joining forces to create tech-focused solutions in the biggest hackathon Effect Expeditions has hosted!

Questions? Email us expeditions@effect.org


"I feel enormously privileged to have been a part of this trip. My life is altered. Thank you for giving us this opportunity and taking care of our needs. The trip was very well organized, there could have been huge glitches but everything sorted itself out, and we go back richer people with eyes wide open and hearts motivated to make a difference. We all need to be spokespeople for this cause and empower women with more confidence and education. Thanks for leading the charge on this so admirably. You're an inspiration."
Deepa Aswani, Salesforce

During this expedition and global hackathon, a team of volunteers from Google and Salesforce will learn about the trafficking trade, creating ‘big-picture’ solutions in the fight against trafficking.
Effect.org operates schools in India which saw decreasing numbers in girls’ attendance. Upon learning they were being lost to the trafficking trade, Effect.org founder, Casey began to create a documentary exposing India’s trafficking underworld.

Together with Effect.org partners, you’ll meet with survivors and anti-trafficking nonprofits as you undestand the factors behind this issue. You’ll then meet up with the Mumbai team as you prepare for the hackathon.

The biggest goal is to leverage each individual’s technical skills during the global hackathon; you’ll pitch ideas, form teams, and design products.
Whether you are a marketer, HR, developer or have other skills, every professional background assists in making this hackathon successful!

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Travel through the Kathmandu Valley visiting nonprofit leaders and inspirational survivors of human trafficking. Later, meet the Mumbai team and compare notes on the issue.


In Kathmandu, together with the Mumbai team you’ll pitch ideas, create tech-based solutions and design prototypes in a 54 hour hackathon. Coder, marketer, designer, all skills are needed to make this happen.

Make a difference

You’ll have the chance to learn at a grassroots level how human trafficking affects Nepal. Working with nonprofits and applying your everyday skills, you’ll create solutions to help change lives.


With input from Effect.org nonprofit partners, you’ll create big-picture solutions to fight trafficking. These nonprofits will then be given grants to continue their invaluable work.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • All meals & Drinks (non alcoholic)
  • All in country travel
  • Pre-program fundraising support
  • In country safety training

What's Not Included

  • International Flights
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations


Depart country of origin and begin journey to Kathmandu Nepal
On flight to Nepal
Land in Nepal. Set your clocks ahead GMT +5:45. Arrive at hotel Preview of Human Trafficking in Nepal
Volunteering at local nonprofit, working alongside therapists and young female trafficking survivors Visit local Brothels Visit shelter home for trafficked girls
Travel to rural villages and interact with locals, teaching them about the dangers of human traffickers
Spend half day alongside local organizations who work with the survivors of human trafficking Spend half day at shelter with young women (aged 18-24)
Get immersed in the culture of Kathmandu
Hackathon Begins
Hackathon All Day
Hackathon Final pitches and winners are announced. Wrap up meeting.

Meet Your Expedition Leaders

Nicole Allen

Director of Strategy

A British native, Nicole handles Effect.org’s strategy. She started her career shaping lifestyle brands in London. After working closely with nonprofits, she knew she wanted to use her branding, marketing and strategic skills to give the silenced a voice. A writer and avid reader, she has a way with words. Nicole is big on multitasking, loves to laugh and is training for her first half marathon.

Sandy Singh

Program Manager

Starting her career in marketing and events for corporate america, Sandy turned her attention to international development when she moved to India and scaled programs centered around Social Enterprise throughout the country. Sandy administered and created programs both helping the homeless and preventing homelessness in her hometown of Turlock, CA. Sandy has a true passion for everything India, is addicted to coffee and loves boxing, reading, and travel!


8 Expedition reviews
Carl Tharp

The expedition beat all my expectations. I came away from the trip feeling better educated about the current cultural, economic and geopolitical climate, and feeling satisfied that I was able to get involved and make a difference for the local organizations effect.org connected us to. As an added bonus, the group I was a part of was amazing and I'm happy to have made such close friends with such a diverse group over the short duration of the expedition.

Raphael Moraly

Amazing experience, full of emotions, learning, discovery and work. I couldn't expect more than that. I plan to repeat it at least twice a year. Thank you for this amazing life experience, I will never forget what I saw and felt.

Deepa Aswani

I feel enormously privileged to have been a part of this trip. My life is altered. We love both you and Nicole, as well as the trip leaders for giving us this opportunity and taking care of our needs. The trip was very well organized, there could have been huge glitches but everything sorted itself out, and we go back richer people with eyes wide open and hearts motivated to make a difference. We all need to be spokespeople for this cause and empower women with more confidence and education. Thanks for leading the charge on this so admirably. You're an inspiration.


Non-profit Effect.org has been running schools in India since 2010 and noticed a decline in the number of girls attending. Casey Allred, the founder of Effect.org was shocked to learn that many girls were being trafficked into the sex trade. He was personally disturbed by the growing epidemic and wanted the world to know the truth, teaming up with a director to create Stolen Innocence, a trafficking documentary (Releasing mid 2016). &nbsb; Human trafficking is growing rapidly as the 2nd largest criminal activity in the world, with at least 300,000 girls trafficked in India alone. With many unaware that trafficking exists, this expedition is the perfect opportunity to learn about the issue, and apply your skills to create change!
The four days leading up to the hackathon, team members will learn the scope of the problem through interactive involvement with nonprofits, local leaders and lawmakers of anti-human trafficking. Each team member will learn hands on about human trafficking in three categories: prevention, care of prostitutes and rescuing. The team's primary project is to leverage each individual's technical skills during a hackathon, to come together, share ideas, form teams, build and or design products and launch your idea. Each team will present their idea, product or design at the end to a panel of local professionals. The theme of the hackathon is, “How Great Technology Can End Human Trafficking.” Be it marketing, HR, coding or other skills, every professional background assists in making this hackathon great. Effect.org has partnered with non profits who will be joining our expedition. These non profits will outline their biggest challenges, and participants efforts during the hackathon will be dedicated to solving their problems. Non profits will be given grants from Effect.org to help implement the solution of their choosing after the expedition.
The team will be staying in a standard hotel in Kathmandu. Not a 5 star, but very comfortable.
The team of volunteers will be accompanied by Nicole Allen Director of Strategy at Effect.org and the Program Manager at Effect.org, Sandy Singh. Additionally we have trip leaders from previous expeditions.
The program will include the following (all arranged by the Effect.org team):
  • Pre-program and fundraising support from dedicated staff members at Effect.org
  • A 9-day expedition (including 2 travel days) community development project developed in partnership with local NGOs and communities
  • A half day in-country induction program including training, safety, First Aid, communications, cultural awareness and acclimatisation, delivered in Kathmandu hotel
  • Personal development and creative sessions facilitated by the Effect project managers, including daily debriefs and activities which look at sustainability and International Development
  • Traditional Yoga will be provided every morning
  • Cultural (fun) day
The total cost of the trip is $5,000 plus flights; however, corporate match programs means that you’ll only need to pay or fundraise 50% i.e. $2,500.
  • You can either pay yourself or fundraise. We have found from previous trips that those who fundraise usually get more involved and gain a richer experience in country.
  • You’ll need to pay $700 deposit to secure your place, by May 17th. (This will also go towards your final balance)
  • Flights are not part of company's corporate giving programs. You’ll need to pay in advance for your plane tickets. Round trip tickets from SFO usually cost around $1,400 - $1,700. They need to be paid in full by June 7th through our travel agent.
  • Balance of $1800.00 due by June 21st. First payment can be refunded if volunteer changes their mind 7 days after the first payment (5% processing fee). 30 days before the expedition starts refunds will be given at 50%. Beyond 30 days Effect.org will not refund the expedition.
Please rest assured that the Effect.org team will give you advice and guidance on fundraising and as a team, we will each collectively plan some cool events together to raise funds together.
Your donation goes to transportation, food, lodgings, whilst in country. In addition, your money goes towards a grant we give to nonprofits we work alongside with during the expedition. These grant helps small nonprofits ensure new technology projects are implemented properly. Full break down can be seen here.
  • Safety management including casualty evacuation procedures.
  • An in-country project manager with extensive expedition experience to deliver the expedition in the field with the group.
  • In country transport, vehicle, accommodation, food, drinks (non-alcoholic) and equipment.
  • All community project costs including materials and expedition/ safety equipment.
Yes and No. We appreciate that your schedules are jam-packed, which is why we’ve condensed this experience to just one week, and we’re flying out on a Friday evening after work. Feel free to use your VTO!
  • You’ll need to complete a detailed (confidential) medical form
  • You’ll need to have appropriate vaccinations (*we’ll give further guidance on what to have and where to go, but you’ll need to cover the cost).
  • You’ll need to get a Visa upon arrival ($25 for a 15 day stay)
We’ve received a lot of interest for this trip and expect a lot of people to apply. We choose applicants based on their passion and skillset to ensure each expedition has a diverse group of individuals. Effect Expeditions has several trips planned for 2016 across India and Nepal, covering issues including Education, Trafficking and Disaster Relief. In the event that you aren’t selected for this trip, someone from Effect.org staff will be in touch to work with your schedule and place you on an upcoming expedition.
Please note that the application deadline is May 6th 2016. Please make sure you have applied by then.
In Nepal, the month of July is rain season and humid. The average temperature in Kathmandu in July is 24C (75F), reaching highs of 27C (81F), and dropping to lows of 21C (70F). The positive side of all this rain is that it makes everything in Nepal very green and lush.
This is a unique expedition to Nepal, Effect.org wanted to get a smart group of shoot-for-the-moon activists to create something incredible to help change the world. You’ll have the chance to see, touch and understand at the ground level how desperate this issue is in Nepal. Human trafficking is the world’s worst tragedy, but other countries have been successful stopping it, and so can Nepal. But they need our help. We understand how important it is to disconnect from your daily routine, and we believe this will be a great opportunity for many of you to see the world and to make a real difference using your experience and skills. Let’s change the world together!

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