Effect Expeditions – FAQ’s

Loads! In addition to getting a deep understanding about a social issue, you will have the opportunity to work on solutions during the Hackathon!

Yes! Projects from our Hackathon are both high and low tech. Working in a team, all skills are needed to create impactful projects.

Each expedition includes a group of 15-20 volunteers from top technology companies including Google, Salesforce, Adobe and VMware. There will also be 2 team leaders who are alumni of previous expeditions and Effect.org staff members. You’re in great hands!

Your payment includes modest accommodation, food at some favorite local restaurants, transportation during the expedition, and all Hackathon related costs!

We’ll facilitate the booking process; we prefer individuals to travel together when possible. We usually book flights a few weeks after the expedition application deadline. With the help of travel agent, we’ll let you know the best time to book!

You do! In addition to the the fee for the expedition you are responsible for flights, souvenirs, and alcoholic beverages.

We stay in local, safe, modest hotels during the duration of the expedition. It won’t be 5 star, especially due to the subject matter of our expeditions, but it’s always comfortable.

Our main priority is to eat at clean restaurants in order to keep everyone healthy. However, expect to eat local and fresh food during the expedition. We only go to restaurants that have been vetted and/or have great reviews!

The program will include the following (all arranged by the Effect.org team):

  • Pre-program and fundraising support from dedicated staff members at Effect.org
  • A 7-day expedition developed in partnership with local NGOs and communities
  • A half day in-country induction program including safety, communications, cultural awareness and acclimatisation
  • Daily debriefs and activities which help prepare for the Hackathon
  • At least half a cultural (fun) day

Your donation goes to transportation, food and lodging whilst in country. In addition, 20% of your money goes towards a grant we give to nonprofits we work alongside with during the expedition. These grant helps small nonprofits ensure new technology projects are implemented properly. 30% of all funds go directly to open new Effect.org Schools. Full break down can be seen here.

We appreciate that your schedules are jam-packed, which is why we’ve condensed this experience to one week. In most cases, Volunteer Time Off (VTO) will cover the majority of the expedition. Be sure to look into your company VTO policy.

  1. Apply online!
  2. Wait for Effect Team to contact you within 2 weeks of submitting your application.
  3. If accepted, start campaigning!
  4. Thoroughly read your Welcome Packet!
  5. You’ll need to complete a detailed (confidential) medical form
  6. You’ll need to have appropriate vaccinations (you’re responsible for the costs)
  7. You’ll be responsible for your own visa.
  8. You’ll need to take part in weekly hangouts
  9. You’ll need to do the required reading!

We choose applicants based on their passion and skillset to ensure each expedition has a diverse group. We have several expeditions planned for 2017 across India, Nepal, and Greece covering issues including Education, Human Trafficking, Disaster Relief and the Refugee Crisis. In the event that you aren’t selected for this trip, someone from Effect.org staff will be in touch to work with your schedule and place you on an upcoming expedition.

We suggest you read the all the required reading and be active during the hangouts! It’s important to do your homework on the social issue we are volunteering for. Some things you will be responsible for include:

  • Submitting a medical form
  • Booking your plane ticket (will with help with this!)
  • You’ll need to have appropriate vaccinations
  • Arranging for your own visa to travel

It happens! All extra money you raise would go towards the grants. In the past, this money has helped fund solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, laptops in schools, etc.

As of now, our expedition isn’t structured to facilitate children. However, if your partner is interested, feel free to reach out and we will try to accommodate your request.

We started expeditions in order to connect our strong network of nonprofits and our contacts working at Fortune 500 companies. In March 2015 we took our first group to Nepal and immersed them in the local culture, taught them about human trafficking, and watched as they teamed up with local Nepali engineers to create amazing, functional solutions in 3 days. It was a huge success. Since then, we’ve continued to lead expeditions on human trafficking, disaster relief, refugee crisis, and education. Each expedition helps fund new schools across India. We’re excited for the future and to see the lasting achievements of Effect Expeditions in the world.

Of course! Not only are there a few expedition alumni on each expedition but there are over 150 alumni that we can put you in touch with!

Yes, you’ll need to finalize your personal travel logistics by the deadline to book flights! Just realize that you won’t be under our jurisdiction and will need to ensure your own safety and travel arrangements . We’d be happy to suggest any itineraries for your travels after the project.

Please reach out to us and we’ll get back to you asap. Email Sandy Singh, sandy@effect.org for anything related to the expedition.

Hackathons are how we measure the impact of our expeditions! We have combined several different problem-solving models to develop a recipe for impact. Our hackathons create solutions to barriers faced by local nonprofits. Our philosophy: By helping our partner nonprofits be more effective, they create more impact on the ground. That’s a win, win, win!