The Education Crisis in India

Education is a basic right but many children grow up without the chance to learn. Education determines achievements, potential and opportunities to join the workforce. Quality education gives children the biggest head start in life.

Available quality schools are not keeping up with India’s growing lower middle class

770 Million are illiterate worldwide

More than 17.7 million children are OUT OF SCHOOL in India [1]

2/3 are women

India's lower middle class is growing doubling 300 to 600 million in 8 years. [2]

Illiteracy will cost the global economy $1.2 trillion

Experts predict 130,000 additional schools will be required by 2022 given current growth trends. [3]

Education affects everything

Schools in India

Illiteracy is a bigger problem in India than any other country
in the world. Our work is focused on changing this situation.

287 Million Illiterate

{Average tuition per student/monthly is USD $100.} [4]

Illiterate in India Detail [5]

How do we make quality education accessible?

By re-imaging education. Through centralized management and our Lean School Model we create and scale quality schools for those who need them most.

You can make a difference.