by Sandy Singh

At, we constantly struggle to show the relationship between our schools and expeditions. However, it’s simple…expeditions allow us to keep our schools running.

We started expeditions in 2015 in order to showcase the work we do on the ground to some of our supporters. Although the expeditions were started by our volunteers, its spun off into a beast of a program which I have the pleasure of leading! In this last year, we have been focusing our efforts on using the skills our volunteers bring to better our schools.

With so many projects that have been working on during the Impact Workshop (formerly called the Hackathons), its hard to choose a favorite. A great example of tech volunteers creating impact at the schools is a project led by our Effect Expedition Alumni and Board Member, Chris Beaukencamp. The team worked on the Sales Pipeline barrier for the schools and understood the barrier as the loss of important sales enquiry data, lack of digitisation and multiple, sometimes conflicting, data sources as well as lack of follow-up. They solved the barrier by understanding the requirements needed by the school staff and prototyping a solution by building and testing a news sales pipeline. All of this was done using Salesforce. Now, our lean school team can use Salesforce to enroll even more students!