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Chris Beukenkamp

Chris Beukenkamp

Created on August 14, 2017
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Reimagine Education


What am I doing?

In early 2016, I read an email about using up my volunteering time.  It checked a lot of boxes for me:

      • travel
      • use up all the days at once
      • visit a new country
      • work with Salesforce and Google

Little did I know it would change my world.  When I joined the first prep call, I heard that we would be studying the supply chain and designing solutions to combat human trafficking.  This was a subject that I had no knowledge of.

That trip deeply affected me.  As a parent of 3, I have been haunted by the conditions that kids endure that are the very same age as my own.  I knew I had to do something to help.

Fast forward and I am now a Board Advisor to and still work directly with several of the NGOs I met on that trip.

This trip, will take a group of volunteers from Google, Adobe and Salesforce to New Delhi, India on a seven day expedition. During the first 4 days, we’ll learn about various aspects of illiteracy by visiting government schools, witnessing the importance of education in the villages and the city to understand their biggest challenges.

Joining forces with local stakeholders, nonprofit leaders and engineers, we’ll understand the biggest barriers they face in their crucial work. Then, we’ll develop solutions and build innovative tools to create change during a Hackathon!

Why education?

Education affects everything. From lowering mortality rates and birth defects to improving health — the benefits of education are seen at all levels of life. Education lowers crime rates, risk of exploitation and is the best way to break the poverty cycle. This is why I’ve decided to participate with, an international nonprofit opening schools and leading volunteer expeditions to create opportunity for vulnerable children and their communities.

Why New Delhi, India? opened its first school in rural Bihar, India in 2010, before opening two more schools in the New Delhi area. There was a huge need to build and open schools, and in such a dense location, with over 3.3 million illiterate people, access to quality education was largely necessary. has been taking volunteer groups around the world to work on social issues like education, trafficking and disaster relief.

How can you help?

DONATE! My goal is to raise $2,500 to help fund for my volunteering time in-country.

Funds raised will fund grants to Indian nonprofits (NGOs) we work with, Effect school openings in India, and my volunteer time. See more here.

and Thank you! Every dollar we raise will make a difference to families affected by illiteracy.

Can’t donate? Share this effort on social media! More awareness means more action.

Note: All donations are 501(c)3 tax deductible by nonprofit


16 Supporters



15 days ago


Laura Melo

15 days ago

Keep up the life changing work!



16 days ago


Lisa Rhodes

17 days ago

So proud of my brother making a difference for som many young lives.


Danielle Jazzar

17 days ago