For many children August is a time to purchase new clothes, backpacks, pencils and other school supplies to prepare to return back to school. Not all children are lucky enough to go to school. In fact, in places like India there are over 17.7 million children who are not attending school. At, we are determined to change this.

This August we are launching a very special campaign called, Open Doors to Education to open two brand new schools in India.  If you haven’t already seen the campaign video, watch it now.

Our schools are very different, in fact when we first set out to open schools we were determined to reimagine education. We knew the only way for this to happen effectively was to take full control of the school experience, own every process from teacher training, curriculum to the school infrastructure. This allowed us to have full autonomy of a child’s education.

We utilize technology and data to provide quality education for our students. Each teacher uses a phone to take attendance, make assessments and access curriculum that is specific to the needs of their class.  Student data is uploaded daily for the academic team to understand how each child performed and change the curriculum as needed. As a result, our students are already performing better with most increasing their learning by 40%. Parent engagement is high and our students love coming to school!

This August we are asking you to help us open doors to education for children in India by donating to our campaign. If you can’t donate then please share! Our goal is to reach $100,000 by August 31, 2017. If we reach our goal, the schools will open April 2018!

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